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For more than 15 years, Biodiesel Magazine has diligently covered the evolving biodiesel industry. From the early days of soybean oil-centric conversions to the introduction of multifeedstock approaches, new quality controls, advanced process technologies, optimization techniques and the proliferation of renewable diesel production, we were there. Now, we are tapping into our extensive background in this sector and the relationships we have developed to produce the Biodiesel Production Technology Summit, a valuable experience for stakeholders in the biomass-based diesel space. Presentations and discussions will focus on key areas of biodiesel and renewable diesel production, such as:
  • Plant Upgrades
  • Optimization (Debottlenecking & Efficiency Improvements)
  • Retrofits
  • Pretreatment (Esterification, Feedstock Cleaning, Dewaxing, Degumming, Fatty Acid Stripping, Filtration, Centrifuging, Etc.)
  • Processing Equipment (Pumps, Valves, Tanks, Reactors, Filters, Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Centrifuges, Instrumentation, Etc.)
  • Process Technologies—Biodiesel & Renewable Diesel
  • Biodiesel & Renewable Diesel Catalysts (Acid, Base, Enzyme, Fixed-bed, Solid, Heterogeneous, Homogeneous, Regenerative, Recyclable, Metal, Hydrotreating, Etc.)
  • Plant Automation & Process Control Systems
  • Process Analysis
  • Posttreatment (Fuel Washing, Polishing, Filtration, Centrifuging, Distillation, Methanol Recovery, Neutralization, Soap-splitting, CSFT, HVO Isomerization, Etc.)
  • Adsorbents & Resins
  • Fuel Quality Analysis
  • Plant Services (Engineering, Consulting, Cleaning, Maintenance, Etc.)
  • Glycerin Upscaling Technologies
  • Biodiesel Upscaling to Alternative, Non-fuel Products
  • Project Development—Biodiesel
  • Project Development—Renewable Diesel
  • Design/Build Innovations
  • And more

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